Welcome Bay

When is common sense going to come into play and get the Welcome Bay lane re-opened. There has been consultants come and look at the situation and quick... Read More

Disgruntled mob

This disgruntled mob strike at the drop of a hat when even their Labour/Socialist bosom buddies don’t want a bar of them and won’t support... Read More


After reading Lizzie Marvelly’s article in Saturday’s Herald, it has crossed my mind that legalising cannabis is undoing all the expensive... Read More


Quite often it people of the Dame Maxwell age that want to raise the age of pension entitlement. The pension is not a right it is paid for. A portion... Read More

Good work

In reply to the letter by D West [The Weekend Sun, June 7]. I have known councillor [Margaret] Murray-Benge since I presented the original petition in... Read More

Forest of Ardern

With all due apologies to Shakespeare and his delightful ‘As YouLike It’ (1603) play a pleasant pastoral comedy, albeit in this particular... Read More

Rights assured

In reply to Tony Fellingham (The Weekend Sun, June 7), Don Brash and Hobson's Pledge are seen to be divisive because they want to set aside the decision... Read More

Not rocket science

I hear in the news each week how small employers are seeking labour and suggest that more immigrants are the answer. I have relatives and friends whom... Read More

Working well

In deference to the council and its roading experts, the newly redeveloped roundabout at Waihi Rd/Cambridge Rd is not yet - despite fears expressed in... Read More

Help appreciated

My Queen’s Birthday honours go to those who came to my aide after being knocked off my bike coming down Oropi Road on Queen’s Birthday Monday... Read More

Heavy traffic has no impact

Councillor Steve Morris [The Weekend Sun, May 24] floated the idea of a toll on trucks entering the Port of Tauranga claiming it’s undeniable the... Read More

Who is to blame?

Justice Minister Andrew Little displays gross illogicality in his latest press release. If, as he claims, there are mass failures in the country’s... Read More

Be seen

In the May 31 edition of The Weekend Sun you published two articles about cycling in Tauranga. Both with a photo of a cyclist in dark clothes! We all... Read More

Slow ‘em down

It is with interest to note several roundabouts were put in the Te Puke town centre not so long ago. These, in most cases, have slowed down the traffic... Read More

Dangerous cellphones

In response to L Sorenson’s letter regarding older drivers [The Weekend Sun, May 31], I am a lady driver coming up to the age referred to [over 65].... Read More